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Requested by LiniAriva  ^^
I hope you like it! :)
You can find more information about her OC here:…

It felt nice drawing again. Stupid thesis slurped up all my free time the past few months T^T
Disney style
My friend requested me to draw a photo of us for a very long time! Ofcourse I couldn't just draw us in our normal clothes. ;P
In our office (which is full of girls) we named each other as one of the disneyprincesses. I was baptised as Mulan and my friend as Megara from Hercules :D

Anyway, it took me quite a while to finish this drawing. I actually wanted to give her an extensive sketch. But it turned out to be one of my best shaded drawings. (I even added a background, which was a pain in the butt to draw!)
I'm pretty proud of it ^^

What defines popularity?

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 12:12 PM
  • Listening to: Michael Bublé - Feeling good
  • Eating: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce~

Of course, I use this free premium membership day to upload a new journal x)

In my previous journals, I’ve been talking a lot about popularity on deviantart. I’ve been asking myself these questions: What does it mean to be popular? Is it really as fun as it seems?

I’ve wanted to be popular on deviantart from the moment I created my account. I thought it would be easy. (Then again, I was young, prideful and ignorant.) I uploaded my first drawing and it got zero attention. But I was determined and wanted to gather watchers! I always thought, the more watchers I have, the more popular I am. But since the amount of comments and :+fav:s I receive is very little, I’ve been doubting that theory recently. ^^; Because nothing has changed since I gained more watchers :XD: I just expected it to be a bit different than how it’s now.

I wonder… When do deviants start watching an artist? For me, the artist must have a drawingstyle that I prefer looking at. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a good technique, just a good drawingstyle. Also if the drawings are interesting, then the drawingstyle plays a smaller part. Furthermore, it would be fun if the artist writes interesting journals for the watchers to read. ^^ ( If you’re interested in what I think about journals x) :… ) I also watch my friends who I know in real life. =)
When I was younger there were random people asking me to watch them. In return they’d watch me back. I was too kind (and wanted more watchers), so I watched them, even though I didn’t like their drawings that much. Right now, I honestly regret watching some of them. I don’t even pay attention to them anymore because I know they also don’t pay attention to me. I guess that’s how “dead-watchers” are created. :P
So if someone asks me to watch them, I would refuse. Because I’d like to earn my watchers and so should they! Therefore I’m very grateful to my current watchers :thanks:

To answer the question of my journal: I think being popular means that your watchers are sincerely interested in you and your art. In my opinion, artists are popular when they have ‘loyal’ watchers. What I mean by loyal is that watchers frequently comment on the drawings you upload. And not something like; “Nice”, but something that has value.
  Also, loyal watchers don’t necessarily have to :+fav: everything the artist makes, just the things they particularly like. ^^ And depending on what kind of journals the artist writes, loyal watchers are watchers who like to read the artists’ journal and comment on it most of the time.

Am I a loyal watcher? No. Only to my friends here on deviantart. That’s because I know they’ll see my activities and reply to the comments I make. (If you’re curious about what I think about comments, click this link:…. :P )
Once you’ve earned your loyal watchers and you’ve become “popular”, there are other things to keep in mind… I bet you’ve seen it all around the internet. Art from people on deviantart gets shared, copied and adjusted in a way that it can’t be traced back to the original artist. As you know, using art without permission is stealing. I’m the kind of person who can’t stand this freaking injustice! Also, the more watchers you get, the harder it gets to reply comments. So making contact with each other becomes difficult. :hmm:

After all this, I wondered if I really want to be popular. The well-intentioned attention is something that I love! But I just can’t stand injustice, so the stealing part is something that makes me want to pull my hair out. >_<
So, why am I here on deviantart? To be popular? Or to share my art? It’s still both... But the priority of those two changed since I’ve been here. I love to share my art. And it’s even better if it gets appreciated. ^v^ But it’s easier for people to find my art if I’m popular. And if more people appreciate my art, it motivates me to make more! The more art you make, the easier people will find it. (Kind of a virtuous cycle x) ) But that’s the moment that I have to ask myself if I’m still making art for me. Because for me, the priority still goes to my happiness. =)

And now my question for you, dear reader: What defines popularity on deviantart to you? Do you want to be popular or are you someone who just likes to share your art? (Or are you a lurker? =P ) What does an artist have to do to make you :+devwatch: him/her?

Sorry, it seems the more journals I write, the longer they get ^^;


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